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Updated: Sep 9

Welcome and thank you for those who have registered. if you haven't registered you can still do so in so many ways. register on all our social media platform.


INSTAGRAM @simcoecounty_africans.

Register using the google form. click on the link

TELEGRAM @simcoecountyafricans. it is very important that you join the telegram channel for latest updates about the community.

send us your first & last name (ADD any family member) kindly include just your month and day of birth, its optional. we want to celebrate you on your birthdays. To become a member is free. please don't forget to share this info to all your african friends and family in Simcoe county.

BUSINESS OWNER; this is a great opportunity to promote your businesses via SCAA, as we promote the community in all cities of Simcoe county and among all Africans your business will be on the spotlight as well. your business info will be pinned on all visible platform. SCAA will only refer your business to the right customers. we have over 3000 AFRICANS living all over Simcoe county that needs to hear about your BUSINESS, REGISTER TODAY via email send us your business license or information and we will give you further information. NOTE … IT A PAID SPONSORSHIP

all the proceeds goes into SCAA EVENTS/ACTIVITIES & PROMOTIONS.


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