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Simcoe County African Association (SCAA) aims to promote public understanding of Africa and Africans.
We are devoted to enhance the welfare of African descendants in the region and diaspora.
To bring African communities together via capacity building and self-empowerment.

In order to build a thriving and vibrant community in Simcoe County,we aim to collaborate with other ethnocultural groups,associations and other organizations (profit and non profit) while
bringing together those of African origin to encourage and support participation in the community.

Our Mission


- To help with immigration settlements and volunteer
- Connecting with each other and meeting with new friends
- Displaying of diverse cultures,support and donations
- To dedicate to and collaborate with other organizations,non-profits and the general public 
- To also advance racial harmony and improve the overall well-being of local residents of African descent

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We Need Your Support Today!

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